Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

Welcome to my journal. These entries will always touch on the past because the past is shaping my future. There are people I know that will become a part of this story and there are others yet to make an entrance. Older Journal enties can be found in an online archive.

September 2021

My mother’s passing has required adjustments to my life. We would banter every day on the phone and rarely a week would go by without a journey down to the ancient capital. Over the summer months Heather and I got away and one such place of escape was Gairloch in the northwest of Scotland. This was new ground for me but very enjoyable. The drive up through the Highlands was a pleasure in itself. We stopped off at Loch Marie and finally found our crofters retreat in South Erradale just up from the sands of Redpoint Beach. It was a great idea, thanks Heath. We also managed the odd city visit checking in with both Stirling and Edinburgh however ongoing covid restrictions in Scotland meant the retail shopping experience was different. I remember Prince's Street from the past, but its shopping crown has been passed over to the new St. James’s quarter.

Covid still impacts our lives, attention now moves on to the effectiveness of such vaccines over time which was coming of course, so where do I stand on this? Well, here’s the thing, for me it was important to deal with the outbreak the way we did. The NHS was unprepared for it and in the early days had to learn about the antics of the virus as it got started on its crusade. This bloody thing has divided us, and evidence can be seen when out and about. “To wear or not to wear a mask,” that is the question. We are split over this for sure. I probably won’t go for a top up vaccine, I will take my chances with natural exposure but for the sake of common courtesy to others I will wear a mask in areas where you are in close proximity of fellow folk. My life now is about taking in the air, maximising the use of all those senses that were gifted to me, senses that still perform, absorbing all the natural world that surrounds me as I travel through each day.

Our staycation summer is nearly at its end, we have been lucky as the weather has been kind to good old blighty but if you know your natural world, have an interest in what you see then you would have observed that changes are afoot, and they are not so subtle anymore.

Whilst most life species are in decline our own continues to multiply and grow, we are indifferent, we have expectations, we cannot comprehend that what we want and expect cannot be delivered until perhaps one day when the penny finally drops.

Covid made many of us get up and move for a better life because it was possible, but what about those that couldn’t, because they did not have the financial means to do so?

I recently had a conversation with someone who was moaning about his time on Brighton Beach. Covid was blamed as were the fires in Greece but as he divulged the extraordinary price of a south coast 99 flake, he dropped into the conversation the picture of an inflatable arriving on the shore, full of refugees seeking a better life. I bet he didn’t convey his angst to them!!

Our preferred ignorance of life’s situation defends us from the realities of what is going on and for many that is more palatable. Sadly, that is the truth of it, we have a natural fear of the unknown but what must it be like when you see something dark and desperate in every way. Your only option is a natural response which is to fight or flight, I guess that is what you see in Afghanistan.
But heh that’s over there, could not possibly happen over here, right?

Just ending with a note on my book which is at the printers at the mo. Will let you know when I have the finished article, would like to promote locally within the three shires if possible but we shall see.

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