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Lempriere Lines

Welcome to my journal. These entries will always touch on the past because the past is shaping my future. There are people I know that will become a part of this story and there are others yet to make an entrance. Older Journal enties can be found in an online archive.

October 2021

Have no idea where the year has gone but I know what’s coming as I am reminded every day in some way that the festive period is just around the corner, it’s the planning right!!

I guess I have come around to the idea that one can just switch off for a week and imagine that life for all is good even though in all reality it is far from it, but for the benefit of those closest I am not going to be a grumpy old scrooge in late December.

However, Christmas is not here yet so let’s get a few sentences in about the state of play.

Covid19 - The government can no longer make this frontline news as its unaffordable, so we will now live with it as was expected, it becomes part of mainstay life.

COP26 - Catchy title but if the people that matter don’t turn up or arrive with personal agendas then its doomed. We pollute our planet, we pay the ultimate price, actually our children do and certainly their children who may not even get a full life.

Our own river is dying, our own members of parliament for Herefordshire still take a nice salary but don’t represent its people, just a few select types, if you know what I mean. Even in rural Herefordshire the biodiversity is changing, whether that is in your garden, in the fields, the hedgerows or city centre. I have wild cowslips about to flower in my garden and certain trees that have not gone to sleep because the weather is so mild. This is not a good thing, trust me. This house is trying to do its bit, we have dropped a car, we are walking more, eating less meat, both red and white and have reduced our energy consumption but there is still more we could do and will when we can. I have never poured fresh water onto grass and my grass has weeds in it, I am hoping to set up a rainwater harvesting sprinkler system next year just so my trees, shrubs and borders are protected from drought, this in turn will help the limited biodiversity that I have in my enclosed garden….it really needs an outlet, a corridor if you will, but that’s the price you pay for having no choice but to live in a modern build where each home is a fortress of fence panels, brick and concrete.

Anyways other decisions, I will not renew my passport and therefore have no plans to fly again or do huge regular commutes. I struggle with the electric thing because of the batteries and besides all rely on the under strain national grid so I am hanging on with the best-in-class diesel, just doing less miles. Electric maybe ok as a local run-around but no good for long haul, I am starting to see the queues at the charging points, the ones that are working, come on hydrogen because I see no other way of getting about at the moment other than shanks pony.

Note to government… unless the cost of electric cars comes down in cost, I am reckoning that by the time you enforce their use most people won’t have any money to purchase one. Let’s just think, £40k electric car or £20K alternative heating system, big decisions eh….so with that in mind let’s talk about that next topic.

The Budget - I am guessing that there is a lot of people out there that have never experienced inflation or high interest rates. Well, you are just about to get a crash course in what it will mean and its scary. It might well be that interest rates might go up on savings accounts (if you have savings) but it will also mean your mortgage rate will jump.

I am not sure who this government is trying to sell this latest budget to but it sure won’t be to the poorer communities amongst us or in fact the middle-income earners who are about to be left behind also…

Note to government…this will come back and bite you, the only reason you may get away with it in the short term is because the political opposition is so poor. Please don’t forget the people though!!

In recent decades some first time buyers have had the benefit of financial help from parents but even said parents will start to feel the pinch for a multitude of reasons so acquiring your first home and keeping it will become a dream and renting will become an unviable option so it could very well be that we will go back to the times when many generations lived in the same house, Trouble is many houses today are not as big as before.

OK, ok, no more grumpiness but I am troubled you see.

This government wants us to embrace our newly acquired independence from Europe, but they are not giving the people any reasons to be motivated and enthusiastic.

These days can you honestly see one member of parliament that has the gravitas and stature associated with a British leader. I can think of a few from my past but it’s been a long while since I observed someone that could be regarded as a true statesmen. Our enemies are laughing at us for they know that the British people have strength, substance, and heart. If only our leaders demonstrated the same. That said I take off my cap to The Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace. The Afghanistan withdrawal hurt him, and he was not afraid to show it.

Reasons to be Cheerful, not many!


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