Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

Welcome to my journal. These entries will always touch on the past because the past is shaping my future. There are people I know that will become a part of this story and there are others yet to make an entrance. Older Journal enties can be found in an online archive.

May 2022

Sometimes its difficult to know what to say when there is so much going on, most of it negative so I am inclined to leave most of it out of this journal submission this time around, but it has a bearing on us all.

It's almost a year since my mother passed and now Heather has to deal with the complications of her father being unable to stay at home having been taken ill recently, we have now entered the frustrations of the care system, treatment of those with dementia and the restrictions of access for Covid rules still apply. It's almost three weeks since she has been able to see him, moving from one location to another, bloody Covid isolation. I am not sure whether it's a good thing that he doesn't remember the last time he saw his wife and daughter. Heath is doing great, trying to organise all the care support, looking after her mum, and managing her uncle's affairs to boot, what can you say, love you girl x.

On a brighter note we have a wedding coming up. It's been a while since my last so will enjoy a night in Oxfordshire.

It's great to see spring and the long days are back. Love the colour of new leaves whilst walking with your favourite thing. Walked through the Lugg Meadows the other day and caught site of just one pair of curlews. I know the local wildlife trust is concerned about disturbance of these fine waders, but I wonder if it could be something else, after all microlights use the very fields that these birds have been previously spotted in numbers. The weather patterns have changed, we have had a number of dry springs in a row.

Have finally got into the routine of using a reusable takeaway cup for that americano, the mocha is no more! If work allows it is still great to get that first and only coffee of the day.

Better go….saving the electric!

Cheerio. GK

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