Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

"Life Pages"

I think back to many of my life’s pages, the good ones and the not so good.

Why is it that I revisit these snapshots, resurrected by de ja vu moments, buzzing my head with vivid thoughts of similarity, people, persons, places, only names are different, the characters are just the same.

Drizzle down days, my friends are near, yet I look out of a framed window, my timeless breath occludes the view, but I am not really looking at the world outside more thinking of where I have been, both in the past and from within, I would take a trip back if I could.

Not to make changes but to better understand, observe, reflect on the decisions that I made, bad ones whilst angry and in pain, some certainly in haste, others in very bad taste, that big blue life regrets train is passing through my mind just now, there has been great moments after all so has it been worth the heartache, the memorable pain?

Well yes would be my answer, for despite the fubar that gathers in our world right now I am happy, yes happy that I have reached this point and place in time, it’s made better by the company I keep, they warm my heart, attract smiles to a tired old face. I have done my bit, a tiny contribution and I will continue to believe that through life’s confusion there is some good in everyone even when it’s clear through history that there is not, so what of the plot?

Who really knows, you can never acquire the total pages of your own life book or in fact truly realise the current page you sit within, besides, who is to say that you have not had many lives and that your book is just one of a trilogy and just occasionally the story line runs a familiar way, a pre-set forget me not.


"Who are the clowns"

When I was young, I recognised clowns, they made me cry,

I thought the painted face hid a monster from a nasty place,

It did not matter if there was a smile or a tear I had no trust, no reason why,

To me the person behind said mask was a baddy from the human race.

The years passed by, and my shoe size grew, I accepted these circus players,

For what I knew, they were entertainers for all to view, but I held some doubt,

Some deep-seated concern that danger lurked behind face paint and flowers,

In the end there was nothing to fear certainly not worth shouting about.

Today you know the circus clown for he or she is plain to see,

But what about the other unrecognizable types, these are the many, the dangerous many,

Hiding behind various elevated positions, independent powers,

dictating, influencing decisions, and they do this to you and me,

I, we, must fear these clowns for they control our children’s destiny.

Our kids must somehow see the world for what it is, where it is going,

They have to grow their minds without influence, seek their own clarity and not disturbance,

Who are these clowns, well sadly its much of the human race they take many forms, guises if you like and currently showing,

In your very own home on the TV, the smart phone, or your PC, it’s a consequence,

Of what we have created, a far cry from the circus joker

Who once could only be found at court as the King or Queens jester.


"Cathedral grounds"

Take a walk, through sacred grounds like the many have done,
A casual stroll, just me, my soul and that special one.
Coffee in left hand, warm heart holds the other hand out of sight,
Girly giggles reflect on a very late last night.
Gentle laughter absorbs the August summer sun,
Take a look around you darlin, look at the young just having fun,
Fashionista girls planning their university partying,
Top grades overwhelming, that innocence of learning.
There are tourists, dog walkers, questionable couples,
Sleepin bag troubles, mindless individuals chasing juvenile seagulls.
Jackanory stories whispered, some secrets we want to share,
Only the limes leaves drop on all that quiet chatter, they have no care.
For they are bound by this cherished place, they make no sound,
These guardians of the city cathedral grounds.


"Just words"

Greta knew it, she had it right, that no one is too small to make a difference. She is different, and many who should have listened did listen from one September to another, back in the day. Well, they listened and then returned to their sleep, nodding lip service whilst the young remained on their feet, we sleepwalk to our fate today.

Terms of endearment, supportive words on recycled crumpled paper, but nothing is right, we see it here, no longer just over there, but heh ho, let’s go Jo, just use a little more fresh water on the grass so it can grow, so that we can cut it for a neighbourly show, oh dear.

My old toys of oakwood trees sit quietly in a faded box of memories, they were loved and so they should, be loved again, for they are history things, reclaimed angel wings for another young soul, they would fly if they could, please give it another try, waiting for their time, let’s hope for a happier nursery rhyme, where the ending is good, the unicorn girl sees a world that has many diverse colours, all beautifully understood.


"Just a thought"

Hello little lady I pause for you,
Did you walk or dance to an emotional cue.
Scared of hurt, and that pain you ran to the view,
Seeking polyantha sunset against new sky blue.

Tippy toe, tippy toe could you not dance once more for me,
Que sera, sera, what will be will be.
Pages torn, removed from the arms of an aging diary,
Recovered from an old trunk, another part of my history.


"The Gates"

That time was coming, I knew this, have seen it many times.
But this is different because it is you.
I wanted to remember the woman that you had been,
Not the failing shadow that I saw.
I hope you took comfort from my hands holding yours,
You warmed to the chatter for my love for you is real.
You were with me at the beginning, I sat with you near the end,
I’m sorry that I missed that final moment,
But you had my thoughts you know that girl,
All of my tears and my heart,
As I walked you through those gates.
You prepared me for the world my girl,
I won’t forget so many things, special things.
Like hankies and those thrupenny bits,
All wrapped up, placed in trouser pocket.
Just a young schoolboy left waving at the gates.


I fumbled with my texting, two dozen edits, three simple words.
A mighty declaration, pressing that button, hiding now, damn absurd,
With head in hands, I am sweating it out, wanted to say and needed a way,
Respondez, s’il vous plaît.

The summer comes, with gentle conversation and ice cream cones,
Beautiful distractions fuelled by wine glass reaction.
Wye river walks, willow trees talk, in the breeze they gently sway,
Respondez, s’il vous plaît.

Cannot see through these months ahead without knowing where I am.
This promising situation, my delirious fascination,
For you my girl, with those eyes of pearls, set in these crazy days of May,
Respondez, s’il vous plaît.

Waiting in my car, parked up in the park, wanting to hear that phone tone,
A sound that says you have replied to my text which outlines next steps.
The contents will deliver either pleasure or pain, am I your man of milk tray?
Respondez, s’il vous plaît.

GK May 2021


"My Hands"

Old gypsy girl you touched my hand, read those lines, all those lines and what they said,

You gave me something whilst whispering sweet nothings, you gave me heather for my bed.

With silver parted, both hands charted the lady looked at me, she says,

“A new life has started, your best work yet to be crafted, only beauty lies in your way”.

The woman that is wise could not explain why I had been tasked with the road that was given,

Torrid adventures, previous emotional detention but I passed it all just the same, I am forgiven.

All of this from chameleon hands that still hold a torch, for many of those that have crossed his path both friends and foe, we reap what we sow.

A life and the story sold, laughter lines, curious times, it’s my life in my hands.

GK April 2021


"Come sit on me"

Don’t put yourself in that dark and lonely place,
Or let that anger feed the emptiness, which blinds you from the human race.

Pick yourself up, shake that mind and body down, clear those tears, bring back the colour to that weary, wanting face,
Come sit on me.

Fear not that stranger who feels that you are in danger,
Don’t question every gesture with uncontrolled suspicion.

Please approach this bench, though I am no judge, just a listening post,
For those that are in need to relieve, I will remove the wrench of those voices that have the power to deceive.
Come sit on me.

Feel my wood and the warmth as it dissipates around your treasured soul,
Sense the history, all that sadness and glory, heard many a story but never shared, secrets never told.

Free yourself, use your eyes and ears, look up and out a little further,
Others fight similar battles, take heart in that fact for you are not alone.
Come sit on me.

GK March 2021


"Magic Carpet"

Always attentive to those who sit upon its thread,

The magic carpet waves and rolls, cossetting its moonlight riders who have left their beds,

Its invisible cloak keeps those that board warm and snug, they chase their next adventure through city lights, unbroken skies, excitement that needs to be fed.

It twists, turns, rolls, coloured stardust falling from its Persian tails,

Drifting down towards sleeping, smiling, illuminating faces,

It makes steady for those that are ready to board, realising dreams of little ones, for children are the masters of its sails.

If you listen very carefully the wind delivers its softly spoken words,

But only the young at heart have the ears to understand the language that is heard,

The carpet has them at its pleasure, no grown-up adults, how absurd.

Climb aboard my lovelies, grasp my tassels nice and tight,

Let’s seek out the ocean and all its commotion on this very moonlit night.

Over the horizon there are orcas singing, blue whales blowing, it’s an incredible site.

Ride the magic carpet, take pleasure in your dreams, oh little things,

For when it’s all done and dusted just open your eyes and seek out what new daylight brings,

For you know that another night will beckon, another story written for children are the masters of the magic carpet kingdom, they are the kings and queens.

GK March 2021


"Lucky Cat Black"

You are part of us now, oh lucky cat black and all that with tail so long.

There would be tales to tell if you could.

Where have you been, what have you seen, a feline mystery where art thou from.

There would be tales to tell if you could.

Stories say you have been to war from trenches to barbed wire fences, the Remagen spring or Bastogne winter.

There would be tales to tell if you could.

Now our paths have joined, you crossed the road in front of me so to speak, with those obvious block feet, you bring of course that lucky streak or am I just a positive thinker.

There would be tales to tell if you could.

So, you join another band of brothers who walk that walk, talk that talk, yet you cannot share in our conversation, just follow in our direction for the journey is all the same.

There would be tales to tell if you could but let’s keep it a secret for you are just simply made of sweet cherry wood, but if you had a heart you would wear it like a badge of honour through quiet nights in autumn or late summer rain.

He joins us, that lucky cat black.          

GK February 2021

"Covid Winter"

Regardless of your age, irrespective of life experiences, none of us have been here before, this time, this crazy crazy time. Now is unique, some of us are faltering perhaps already fallen, never to rise from the comfort of a bed, a supposed place of rest, yet it is a battleground from where we fight this Covid villain instead, he is no friend of mine.

The moment has come to unite, lets target all that frustration that so many carry deep within, direct it to the virus, accept all our differences, those tiny little nuances. Be strong in mind, don’t listen to gossip and theories that we are fed, please read with an open mind, and open eyes, yes you were given them, accept a balanced view, credible stories, avoid predatory excursions deep into a world filled with mistrust, opinions that suggest we are being prepped for self-destruct, there’s no benefit in what is said, these are just exceptional circumstances.

We must work through these dark and rainy days, our lives feel trapped within four walls, yet think a mo, for most have these walls to hide behind at least so make it so. Find the courage, seek the mental strength, push on just now for longer days will come and then the battle will be won, there is no other way.                   

GK February 2021


"You and Me"

As our lives move on through 2021, we travel side by side, just you and me,

It’s quite simply a two hearts situation, with a single destiny.

There will be smoke and mirrors, obstructions along the way,

Just filter out the garbage for love is here to stay.

Touch me when you need to, call me if you can,

There will always be a wanting smile, from your very special man.

If you feel the day is pressing and the world a darker place,

Then call this chap, he is your guy you know, he will brighten up your face.

There will be times of separation, a loss that seems eternal, but just open your mind,

For true love stokes the fire within, flames that fan the inferno, seek out for you will find.

GK January 2021


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