Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

The poems that will appear here over time will cover a variety of subjects and will certainly highlight my emotional connection with people and life. I am not ashamed of this.

You can find other examples of my poems in an online archive. The archive is for all and if you ever want a personal framed copy of something that has taken you then please contact me.


"Who are the clowns"

When I was young, I recognised clowns, they made me cry,

I thought the painted face hid a monster from a nasty place,

It did not matter if there was a smile or a tear I had no trust, no reason why,

To me the person behind said mask was a baddy from the human race.

The years passed by, and my shoe size grew, I accepted these circus players,

For what I knew, they were entertainers for all to view, but I held some doubt,

Some deep-seated concern that danger lurked behind face paint and flowers,

In the end there was nothing to fear certainly not worth shouting about.

Today you know the circus clown for he or she is plain to see,

But what about the other unrecognizable types, these are the many, the dangerous many,

Hiding behind various elevated positions, independent powers,

dictating, influencing decisions, and they do this to you and me,

I, we, must fear these clowns for they control our children’s destiny.

Our kids must somehow see the world for what it is, where it is going,

They have to grow their minds without influence, seek their own clarity and not disturbance,

Who are these clowns, well sadly its much of the human race they take many forms, guises if you like and currently showing,

In your very own home on the TV, the smart phone, or your PC, it’s a consequence,

Of what we have created, a far cry from the circus joker

Who once could only be found at court as the King or Queens jester.

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