Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

The poems that will appear here over time will cover a variety of subjects and will certainly highlight my emotional connection with people and life. I am not ashamed of this.

You can find other examples of my poems in an online archive. The archive is for all and if you ever want a personal framed copy of something that has taken you then please contact me.


"Life Pages"

I think back to many of my life’s pages, the good ones and the not so good.

Why is it that I revisit these snapshots, resurrected by de ja vu moments, buzzing my head with vivid thoughts of similarity, people, persons, places, only names are different, the characters are just the same.

Drizzle down days, my friends are near, yet I look out of a framed window, my timeless breath occludes the view, but I am not really looking at the world outside more thinking of where I have been, both in the past and from within, I would take a trip back if I could.

Not to make changes but to better understand, observe, reflect on the decisions that I made, bad ones whilst angry and in pain, some certainly in haste, others in very bad taste, that big blue life regrets train is passing through my mind just now, there has been great moments after all so has it been worth the heartache, the memorable pain?

Well yes would be my answer, for despite the fubar that gathers in our world right now I am happy, yes happy that I have reached this point and place in time, it’s made better by the company I keep, they warm my heart, attract smiles to a tired old face. I have done my bit, a tiny contribution and I will continue to believe that through life’s confusion there is some good in everyone even when it’s clear through history that there is not, so what of the plot?

Who really knows, you can never acquire the total pages of your own life book or in fact truly realise the current page you sit within, besides, who is to say that you have not had many lives and that your book is just one of a trilogy and just occasionally the story line runs a familiar way, a pre-set forget me not.

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