Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

The poems that will appear here over time will cover a variety of subjects and will certainly highlight my emotional connection with people and life. I am not ashamed of this.

You can find other examples of my poems in an online archive. The archive is for all and if you ever want a personal framed copy of something that has taken you then please contact me.


Colour in my garden

It’s an escape I know to look out upon a tranquil scene,

Distant fields of new green, sounds of birdsong distant to the ear.

A pleasure to hear on these misty mornings, all serene,
New sun rises, summers on the horizon, dreams of those who have past but are still near.

Pockets full of memories, infinite laughter through happier times,
Part of the story of LempriereLines.

I’m thankful for the colour in my garden, new life emerging,
Filling my beds, turning heads of Aquilegia, Honesty surging,
Wallflowers doing their thing, adding heavenly scent to the scene, others waiting their turn.

Foxgloves rise, taking positions between the ferns.
It’s an escape I know when the news is so grim,
Yet I heard a Great Tit call through a media moment of Ukraine battlefield din.



My seed is set, I grow from the warmth of mother earth,
Reaching the sky, my leaves chase the light I stand tall.

I stand above you chamomile, I thought you were my friend,
You may invade the soil around my feet, some of my leaves may fall,
But you see I am one, my flower is the sun, it is strong,

It is guiding, it is one, I have a message for you to send,
It’s for you oh chamomile, I thought you were my friend.

My flower is the heart of a nation, a proud population, we stand together,
For all the world to see, you are but a weed, I will see your end.

For I am one oh Chamomile, can you really say the same, I thought you were my friend.

I am the sun that rose alone and shone down on that darkness from the East,
Now, my seeds will scatter, blue and yellow banners, across the world for all to see.


"Tippy toe smiles"

Taking a walk, arm in arm or hand in mine
Tippy toe smiles you are just mighty fine.

Whether there’s rain on my face or snow in my shoe
You deliver your heart through eyes that say love is true.

Can’t quarrel without laughing, I let you face me down
With dimples and tears you break old grizzly’s frown.

Constant grins, one liner quips that don’t really fit
You gaze at the fool, his inappropriate wit.

He makes you laugh, you make him cry,
Life’s finally future proofed, thank God and why?

Because a match made in this time, is a match made in heaven.

A now answered question
I have that face that will lie on my pillow,
Tippy toe smiles in this life and the next, for all eternal.


"Winter 22"

It’s been cold and dry this winter, covid still adds a little to the darkness.

But first light comes a little earlier now and spring bulbs start to muster,
I hear the robin as he states his territorial claim, an early song, that’s never wrong,

A pleasure to the ear, a reason to cheer, for the door on this winter picture may still be open but it’s only just ajar.

It produces a draught, or, an air of drought, perhaps dread, that an east wind blows, bravado shows, from little men who never seem to know, when an ego is blown.

Best to settle instead for a warm bed, cosy clusters of two or more, coffee shop smiles, walking the dog days, they are in many ways, the strength and sun that keeps us sane.

I see the people of courage and care that have feet firmly on the ground, not ivory tower pretty pollies, who could not care, just parrots to their parties, they have no bloody clue, thank God they are few, but they carry enough mess on their political shoes.

You must have us as fools but only you are the gooseberry tools, for you stir the ingredients that make a perfect summer, drought, and discontent.

Send in the clowns, what did you expect, they like a good party, both on and off set.

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