Lempriere Lines

Lempriere Lines

The poems that will appear here over time will cover a variety of subjects and will certainly highlight my emotional connection with people and life. I am not ashamed of this.

You can find other examples of my poems in an online archive. The archive is for all and if you ever want a personal framed copy of something that has taken you then please contact me.


"It’s easier now"

It’s easier now, I know this, for I am lucky,
Because a lifetime of uneasy has been far from perfect.
At times it’s been too much, close to an infarct in fact, tricky, in effect.

It’s easier now I know this, I can afford to be Mr Plucky.
I laugh as much inside as well as out, for mine is a story that covers that very personal subject,
Of love won and lost, but won again, the heart rules the head but I’m no emotional reject.

It’s easier now I know this, for I am stronger now, I can afford to be choosy,
Stronger in mind, body, and soul, despite all the covid snow,
It can’t touch me for I have things to do and distant places to go.

It’s easier now I know this, for I sleep all warm and cosy,
In the comforting arms of a kissing angel, she carries a constant smile,
Everything is calm, life has slowed down, everything is… in a while.

It’s easier now I know this, for I worry less and wonder more.
Contentment is a growing strength, it has no floor.

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